Lead Generation For Recruitment Agencies

Get your Competitive Edge 


Search for accurate information using every possible resource.


Creating data sets for your CRM while keeping the requirements in absolute focus


Personalized emails are send to decision makers from each account. 


Complete analytics of campaign will be shared, so that you can take better decisions.

Search and Create a list of Prospects 

 In Lead generation resources used to Search information plays a vital role. We use every possible resource to pull latest and right contact information. Softwares are quick but mostly pull outdated information which will put a negative impact on lead generation activity.

Your CRM with Latest contact information

Our lead generation experts will upgrade you exsisting CRM to next level. All prospects clients will be added with latest and right information. Each email and contact is first tested and then added in your CRM. Which ensure the quality of your lead generation services.

Send personlise email and follow ups to each contact

In order to get maximum from lead generation activity we use emails outreach software. With these softwares it is lot easier to send email to each and every prospect. Follow up emails are also set in place so that if first email fall through the cracks it will get attention in the follow up emails.

Detailed analytics for better Decision Making

Detailed analytics like response rate, reply rate and bounce rate etc are available of each and every campaign. So that our client can make better dicisions on time. Each campaign is closely monitored by supervisors, if campaign is under performaning they will not only intimate but also suggest changes in it.  

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