Mr BackOffice resourcing

Recruitment Resourcing

Sourcing resumes of active candidates from job-board is also one of the stressful task therefore our recruitment sourcers with great understanding of boolean search strings screen, filter and pull only qualified resumes from job portals. They have complete understanding of world leading job boards including Indeed, Monster, Dice, Carrierbuilder and Reed.

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Mr BackOffice Research

Recruitment Research

Searching passive candidate over different professional networks demands time and resources. Keeping this problem in mind we put trained recruitment researcher in action. Recruitment researcher with complete understanding of boolean search strings and world leading professional networks, search for related candidates, build a list of passive candidates with latest information and working email address.

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Mr BackOffice Job Board

Job Board Operation

Mr BackOffice is helping number of recruitment agencies to offload their stress. As job-board operation is one of the most time consuming task, one have to take care of all the live jobs and handle incoming resumes. In order to solve this problem our skilled sourcers help clients by filtering incoming resumes and forward only qualified ones.

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Mr BackOffice Admin

Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks may seem to be an easy work to execute, however, when these easy day to day tasks couple up it actually consume almost 30% – 40% of your time. Mr BackOffice offers a long list of tasks that can be off-loaded from your daily, weekly or monthly schedules. Administrative tasks range from resume formatting, database handling, email handling, calendar meeting and list building etc, our experienced administrative staffs carry out these tasks with high level of attention. As our foremost aim is to save time that’s why we take very good care of time and complete tasks in given time period.

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Mr BackOffice Marketing lead generation

Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

We help recruitment agencies to achieve more in short period. Better marketing strategies will help you sell positions to quality candidate and sell skilled candidate to your current clients. But such marketing strategies need consistent efforts so that you never lose your presence in this competitive market. Our marketers are helping recruitment agencies on different fronts of marketing department. Either it is handling social media, marketing live vacancies or lead generations our skilled marketers are experienced enough to handle all of these tasks easily. We have great understanding over different set of software that help us automating this process.

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